Domain Name Management

Everything you need for simple, secure and flexible management of your domain name portfolio

& Renewal

Fast and secure registration – simple administration

Global coverage – all existing TLDs

Local presence service in 60+ countries – most in industry

Guaranteed automatic renewals

& Consolidation

Secure a complete overview – Minimize risks and costs

Free migration – no hidden costs

No involvement from you – just sign a power of attorney

Free WHOIS information updates

& Acquisition

Take ownership of 3rd party domains – and control of your brand

 Recover domain through a formal dispute

Buy domain from 3rd party – through anonymous negotiations

 Get in line for a registered domain through a backorder

& Consulting

Make your portfolio relevant and protect your brand

Personal, dedicated and proactive account management

Honest and objective recommendations

 Strategy meetings with your advisor

The safe solution

For most companies, their online presence is crucial – and in the future, it will only be even more vital to secure the best possible solutions for your domain names and brands, in an effort to optimize visibility, security and control.

IP Dots offer a completely custom service set-up tailored to your organization’s unique situation and needs.

At IP Dots, we continuously aim at adding value, and we have extraordinary focus on service, consultancy and proactivity, so you will never experience waiting long for responses to your inquiries, and you are always updated on the latest industry initiatives – so you can take proactive action on any opportunities and threats. Our ongoing strategic sparring ensures an always updated, relevant and value-adding portfolio.

You will notice an immediate improvement – also on your domain name costs.

Most organizations save somewhere between 30 and 50% when switching to IP Dots – some save even more.

We can offer you a 100% non-binding quote on renewal of your existing domain name portfolio, so you can see the savings awaiting you.

FREE brand analysis

We would like to offer you a complementary analysis of your brand on all existing, or interesting, markets, to give you an overview of possible opportunities and threats, in regards to domain names.

    The size of your portfolio is not important
    - but relevance is vital

    Portfolio optimization

    We help you make your portfolio as relevant as possible:

    We delete domain names that are no longer relevant, so you avoid wasting your money.

    We close gaps in your portfolio to increase control over your brand on all relevant markets.

    We secure centralized and correct legal ownership as well as updated and streamlined registration details (WHOIS) for all your domain names.

     We make sure all your domain names have relevant redirects to active websites, which will increase your visibility - and maximum return on your investment.

    No need to worry!

    We migrate domain names all the time – including large and complex portfolios. We have developed an approach that completely eliminates risk.

    We understand that you may be concerned, but we can assure you that we are focused throughout the process and we would like to stress that we have never caused down-time for any domain name we have migrated.

    We analyze your portfolio and customize a detailed plan for the migration.

    With a signed power of attorney, we can completely avoid involving you in the process. We collect the relevant information, such as zone files and authorization codes, from your current provider – and terminate any existing agreement or contract on your behalf.

    With global coverage and local presence service in more countries than most other providers, we can support all TLDs, making it easy to keep the portfolio consolidated.

    Free, easy and without risk

    Vores Spidskompetencer

    Vores afgørende spidskompetence er vores tætte og ærlig samarbejde med vores kunder. 
    Dette er også grunden til at vi stadig stolt kan sige, at ingen kunder endnu har valgt os fra.

    For at du nemmere kan få et overblik over mulighederne er det altid helt uforpligtende at tage kontakt til os og få et pristjek. 
    Så kan vi sammen danne os et overblik over, hvilke muligheder der måtte være og ikke mindst, hvordan vi løser opgaven bedst muligt.

    Save Up To 70%

    Our clients experience an average cost-reduction of 45%

    Fast Response Time

    We guarantee fast responses to your inquiries – and you can always reach us on the phone, if something is urgent!

    Simple Interface

    Easy and efficient administration of your domain names in our user-friendly portal.

    Less Work

    We also offer a full-service solution, where we manage all administrative and technical tasks for you.