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Membership with both The Danish ICT Industry Association and Danish Chamber of Commerce

In the new year, IP Dots has become a member of both The Danish ICT Industry Association and The Danish Chamber of Commerce. We are proud to be part of these organizations, which allow us to be at the forefront of technological development. We are going all-in and have also joined The Danish ICT Industry Association’s Policy Board for Cybersecurity, where we have the opportunity to influence the political agenda.

We have taken this step to contribute to raising awareness about this important issue and to provide an alternative perspective to the debate, seen from a domain perspective. Up to 90% of all cyber attacks involve email. Yet, there is almost no focus in the debate on either domains or DNS, even though this is where one can truly make a difference easily and with very few resources.

  • The Danish ICT Industry Association is a subsidiary organization under The Danish Chamber of Commerce, and its members include everything from large to medium-sized suppliers within all types of IT and digital services, components, and services.
  • As you may already know, The Danish Chamber of Commerce  focuses on the interests of Danish business enterprises, both in terms of development, legal matters, and the political agenda.
  • The Policy Board for Cybersecurity falls under The Danish ICT Industry Association and aims, among other things, to contribute technological and market insights in dialogue and collaboration with relevant authorities and key actors, including the Center for Cyber Security, National Cyber Crime Center (NC3), Cyber Security Council, Council for Digital Security, CyberHub by DigitalLead, Industrial Fund, and business organizations.

We have high expectations for our engagement with both The Danish ICT Industry Association and The Danish Chamber of Commerce and hope that we can both learn and contribute. As part of our focus on cybersecurity, we will soon launch a series of security solutions, which we will present in upcoming articles.

Let’s together create a more secure digital future!

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